For the Love of the Oxford Comma

Okay, so I know this is a point of contention for many a writer and editor: you are either for or against the Oxford, or serial, comma. I make no bones about it: I am definitely an Oxford comma girl. Can’t help myself. It just makes sense to use it. And, to further make the point, I cut my teeth in an industry as an editor where the Oxford comma was king. Please see the Chicago Manual of Style if you need proof.

And to illustrate the difference, double click on the awesome infographic below, also available on



2 thoughts on “For the Love of the Oxford Comma

  1. Run into this ALL THE TIME!! I was raised on the Oxford Comma and trained professionally with the Oxford Comma as the US standard as well. Clients are always right but I always have a little internal chuckle when someone tells me “This is not correct…”

    • allyah11 says:

      I agree. Unless you are writing for a newspaper or are creating a newsletter, the US standard, as pointed out so concisely in the infographic, is the Oxford comma. Clarity is always the best practice.

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