Write What You Know

I’ve probably said this before, but I can’t say it enough: if you want to be a writer, not just a good writer, but a great one, write what you know. Writing, like anything else you do in life, has to be something you know, something you love, something that becomes so much a part of you that it’s second nature. And while writing can be difficult at times. Frustrating. Completely blocked and shut off, if you have fallen in love with the written word, with the process of writing, and the act of telling a story, then all of the bad just fades away in comparison to those moments of brilliance when they finally come. And trust me, they do come.

So if writing is your dream, and you are determined to make it happen, then don’t give up. Hold on to that dream with both hands. And write. Write every single day. Blog. Tweet. Journal old school style. Text if you have to. Just craft copy anyway and everywhere you go. And it will happen. The writer within will become the writer the world will see.

Happy writing!