So What’s the Big Deal About Social Media?

Really? Okay, I know if you are a professional writer, you get social media. You know the power of it. You understand its reach. And you know how to make the most of it. Your clients, however, may not get it.

So here’s a basic truth: As a writer, it’s part of your job to educate your clients about the use of social media. Which aspects may work best for their business. How to use it to get their messaging out to their customers/potential customers. And how to excel at it. Because the fact is, if your clients aren’t using social media to collect, gather, and disseminate information, they are behind the 8 ball…a place no one wants to be.

So here’s what you need to know, and share with your clients, about the power of social media:

  • more than 1.5 BILLION people are currently online, with usage growing at a rate of 400% per year
  • of those 1.5 billion users, 22% use social media
  • 75% of online users go straight to a social network or blog when they log on
  • last year, the average user spent 6 hours per month on social media sites
  • only 19% of companies state that they are good or excellent at mining insight from social media

So what’s the big deal about social media? I think the numbers speak for themselves…start making the most of it, or get left behind.



It never fails. No matter what project I am working on, no matter how quickly the ideas are flying out of my head, and the pen is moving across the paper (or my fingers are striking the keyboard), something comes up. Always.

And do you know why? Though writing is one of the loves of my life, that I truly do live for the written word, I actually have a life, and life is messy. It cannot be lived without running into problems. Bumping into obstacles. Being sidelined by roadblocks along the way. For instance…

  • Snow days, the kids are home…and they need attention every 5 seconds
  • Sick days, and not for you, but again, for your kids…and again, they need attention. And rest.
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Dentist appointments
  • School meetings
  • A day job with a billion and one deadlines
  • Grocery shopping
  • House cleaning
  • Car problems
  • Late buses
  • Taxes
  • Legal issues
  • Relationships in general

This list could go on, and on, and on….with no end in sight. And for most people, it does.

But so what! If writing is your passion, then you will find a way to work around all those little things that not only interrupt your writing in general, but interrupt your life as a whole. Because writing, like any other job you could do, will always get side-tracked and as a professional, it is you responsibility to find a way to your success. To make it happen…for you.

Is it easy? Hell no. But then again, what really is…