My Ongoing Love Affair

Okay, I admit it. I have had an ongoing, lifelong love affair … with my dictionary. I can’t help it. I love discovering a new word that I haven’t heard of or used before and finding a way to strategically place it a new piece I am creating, or casually slipping it into conversation. What could be more fun than that? Okay, so maybe that are a THOUSAND and ONE things more fun than that, but not for a writer.

Take the following list of new discoveries: how many have you heard of? How many have you actually used in your writing? Would you even dare?

advertent: giving attention

bhakti: devotion to a deity constituting a way to salvation in Hinduism

bewray: divulge, betray

ceinture: a belt or sash for the waist

digamy: the second marriage after the first is terminated

If you’re a writer, your dictionary truly is your best friend, well, next to your thesaurus.




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