Is Proper English Becoming Obsolete?

Is proper English becoming obsolete? Going the way of the typewriter and liquid paper? OMG, I hope not. But wait! I just short-handed in my own blog, so maybe there is something to this story …

Short-hand via texting and instant messaging is quickly replacing the way we “write” and that lingo is not only creeping into our everyday writing, but in the way we compose our business emails and quick correspondences. Are you serious? Yes. And not only am I serious, but sad to say, I am guilty of it too.

Oftentimes I end a quick internal email to a co-worker with three little letters: Thx. I got into this nasty habit when I started receiving emails from another coworker that signed off in the very same way. Insidious! Then there’s the evil “K” as in “k?” or “k.” Is it really too hard to write “ok” or better yet, “okay?” We have shortened an already short word to one lone letter. And yes, I have to admit that I have done this as well. Shameful.

But this is the danger of short-handing it. It’s quick. It’s easy. And it creeps into our business writing where it has no business. Use short-hand where you should: instant messaging and texting. And maintain the purity of proper English in your written work so you maintain your stellar reputation as a professional who actually has a handle on the English language.


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