Of Writers and Tangents

I’ve been remiss. I admit it. But when you’re a writer, you often go off in a thousand different directions, and sometimes your pet projects, the ones that don’t actually pay the bills, fall to the wayside.

Poor little allyah’s INKWELL — my pet project; not a paying gig. Therefore, when the day job kicks into overtime, and the freelance work heats up … and let’s not forget about everything that always interferes with the writing life, that little thing called reality: kids, chores, bills, doctor appointments, run-me-here-run-me-there, playdates, and other types of dates. WTF? Let’s just say I lead a very complicated life.

But, this year, with all of the changes I’ve gone through now behind me, I expect to be able to get back to my favorite pet project. At long last …

It may be slow in coming; after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.