Jargon: Tired, Overused, and Abused

I hate jargon. I really, truly despise it. And when it shows up in my writing, I just want to scream. It’s really easy to slip into using jargon when you’re searching for something to say. Believe me, we’re all guilty of it. But, it’s never a substitute for content. The best defense: edit yourself and revise your writing so that you eliminate jargon before you publish anything. Otherwise you will suffer the consequence of embarrassment, and that can last forever.

Check out this list of tired, overused, and abused clichés and avoid using every single one of them. Believe me, you’ll thank me for it later.

Core of my being — If you run across this in written form, just click the back button and close the book on that one. If you actually hear the phrase spoken aloud, exit the coffee shop you’re in immediately and make sure the woman wearing the Sylvia Plath t-shirt isn’t following you.

Think outside the box — If you can’t think of another phrase to use, you should be stuffed inside a box.

Quantum leap — Unless you’re a physicist, you really have no business using this word at all. Avoid it, period.

Paradigm shift — Finding a new way to shaft the consumer is not a paradigm shift. That’s business as usual. If and when you actually encounter a paradigm shift, then, by all means, feel free to use the term.

Granular — If someone says a report needs to be more granular, don’t hesitate, just kick them in the, well, you can imagine where you should kick them. Granular is a word used by corporate weenies because they think it makes them sound more … intelligent.

Confidence is high — If you’ve ever used that in a sentence, you were the one who was probably high.

Manage expectations — What this really means is: “We don’t know if this will work, so let’s make sure that if we fail, we can say that we expected this might fail.” What? Just say what you mean. Let people manage their own expectations.

Credibility gap — Political speak for calling any one group a bunch of bloody stinking liars. Seriously? They’re politicians. They lie for a living. Oxymoron.

Critical mass — Again, unless you’re a physicist, stay away from their lingo.

Irregardless — WTF? This isn’t a word. Never was. Never will be. I still don’t know why people try to use that non-word in a sentence. Just don’t use it.


3 thoughts on “Jargon: Tired, Overused, and Abused

  1. calliopespen says:

    Hilarious! And yes–irregardless????? Never understood where the heck that one came from…
    Thanks for the laugh!

    • allyah11 says:

      Thanks much. Glad you liked it irregardless one. That’s always the best, right?. I just love to rip on jargon! Gotta love it.

  2. calliopespen says:

    How about s/he “threw me under the bus”? Ever heard of that one before? Every time I hear it I want to throw myself in front of one. Ah, but it is what it is, and people will continue to struggle with thinking outside the box until there is a major paradigm shift or we manage expectations more appropriately. ‘nuf said:) Amen.
    Thanks again for the laugh!

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