“At the End of the Day” It’s Not Only Empty, It’s Done to Death

As a talented writer, you have the creative drive to craft your message in a way that is easily understood. What you don’t have is an innate quality to follow the herd and write like everyone else.

When you have something to say, you don’t need to rely on trivial phrases such as “at the end of the day” to make your point. You’re a professional. You know what you want to say. You make your point with real content, get your message across, and move on well before “the end of the day” ever gets here. Otherwise, you’ve already lost your audience’s attention.

Copy that relies on filler doesn’t say anything. Meaningless phrases could just as easily be stripped away from your copy and you wouldn’t even notice; so what does that tell you? And yes, these phrases are everywhere. And that’s the other problem. Not only are the words empty, they are done to death. Trust me, your audience is tired of hearing them, so just don’t use them. Ever.

Here’s a list of some of the more common useless phrases used to fill in the gaps. Check it out and see if you recognize any of them. If you do, remove them from your writing arsenal immediately and don’t let them sneak their way back in ever again:

At the end of the day
That being said
It is what it is
Think(ing) outside of the box
Tabled for later
I personally
Run it up the flagpole
Fairly unique
At this moment in time
With all due respect
Shouldn’t of (and that’s just grammatically incorrect, too!)
It’s not rocket science
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link


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